Where To DINE Now: Mira

There is a mystique to the inconspicuous entrance of Mira. It’s a rainy night and lanterns illuminate a narrow passageway. There’s a kind of Ziggy Stardust album cover feel to the walk-up. Upon entrance, an immediate tropical vibe; youthful, urban, hip. 80’s music streams, and all seem to be grooving to it. Have we entered a time warp? Or are we in Miraflores, the inspiration for this kitchen? This is the culinary progeny of Hanif Harji and Chef Stuart Cameron. As we’re guided to our high top table, it’s clear: there’s a pulse; a vibrancy; and we need a cocktail. Continue reading “Where To DINE Now: Mira”

Where to DINE Now: Kay Pacha

With all the new restaurants opening we yearn for something different. St. Clair West has always been a smorgasbord of good dining options, but now on a corner once claimed by Catch, we take the bait and are immediately reeled in by the new Peruvian restaurant, Kay Pacha.

What is Peruvian cuisine? It’s one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. So why aren’t there more Peruvian restaurants in Toronto? Is it the availability of indigenous ingredients? Not necessarily. Peruvian cuisine is a historical fusion of influences from Japan, China, Africa, Spain and Italy along with traditional Andean and Amazonian cooking, combined with the imagination of the Chef. It’s the authenticity of the chef that makes the difference. Here, Chef Elias Salazar transports us to Peru. Continue reading “Where to DINE Now: Kay Pacha”