The Toronto Style

Let’s talk about money. In Toronto, the capital of finance and culture, it is an unspoken rule that what you earn – and, more importantly, what you spend – will get you the best table in the house, kiss-your-ring service and your every gastronomic whim. Kobe beef from Japan? A 1947 Pétrus? Caviar from the Caspian Sea? (We have some in the cooler…) Chocolate from Oaxaca? No problem.
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My Love/Hate Relationship With Fat

Guilt is good. It is an emotion that I savor with each blissful tablespoonful of Butter Pecan ice-cream straight from the carton; with each profoundly satisfying bite of crispy skin chicken; with each euphoric morsel of USDA Prime sirloin steak, marbled with rivulets of sizzling, juicy, flavorful fat. Oh, come on, we all love fat. Is there one among us who will speak for delicious fat while there is a witch-hunt going on? “Fat Police” and nutrition educators are plying us with information–instructing us on how to find hidden fat and flush it out before we swallow–pouring on the guilt. Even good fat can be bad fat.
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The 1763 Martini

The 1763 martini began with the marriage of gin and wine. With the huge improvements in both gin and wine production, not to mention the delicacies Bombay Sapphire has to offer, or the fact that so many good wines were close at hand, Jamie Walker was struck by a thought. Was this relationship between gin and wine worth a second, closer look? He decided to experiment with many different wines to see how they would compliment Bombay Sapphire’s subtle nuances. Could they be coaxed down the aisle together again, nearly two and a half centuries later?
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Where To DINE Now: Il Mulino

Il Mulino always succeeded in providing casual neighbourliness as well as its natural sophistication. Managed with loving care and professionalism from the kitchen to the wine cellar to the service, no one element of the dining experience was ever taken for granted here, and so patrons have always expected, and been treated to, the very best. When ownership changed hands last fall some wondered if that high standard would be affected, until word broke that the new face at Il Mulino would be none other than Oscar Valverde of such renowned Italian restaurants as Sotto Sotto, Mistura, Splendido, and Centro. Anticipation quickly grew to excitement. If ever there were a velvet transition this was it.
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The Fountain of Youth

It’s a long and winding road to the fountain of youth, but the wise ones have mapped out a plan that is simple, direct and effective.

The plan consists of two words: diet and exercise.

If all the dietary food plans created were laid end to end, they might encircle the globe. Who can choose? Who has the time to meticulously buy the groceries, weigh and measure the food and last but not least, do the cooking – three times a day. And what about snacks?

Read on my friends and find salvation.
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