Where To DINE Now: AGO Bistro

Peering through a narrow window into a large pink ball, reflections from a cosmic myopia of mirrored orbs peer back at me. I am at once voyeur and participant in this artful installation. An iridescent pumpkin patch teases a Halloween dreamscape from which to wander and wonder. Standing alone in the Infinity of Mirrors I am a mere filament in a galactic chandelier; a sea of candles that illuminate the darkness to eternity. Yayoi Kusama’s kaleidoscope mind reveals a universe of polka dots that explore time, the space between, and our connections to the universe. Continue reading “Where To DINE Now: AGO Bistro”

Hooray for Cuvée!

The largest and most prestigious celebration of Ontario wine is the gala event, Cuvée Grand Tasting, which, this year, celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls. Here are 5 reasons to love Cuvée: Continue reading “Hooray for Cuvée!”

Where To DINE Now: Terre Rouge

In less time than it takes to drive through downtown Toronto and find suitable parking that doesn’t cost as much as an entree, we arrive in downtown Markham, park for free, and stand before the glass-walled cube of Terre Rouge. Husband and wife team, Chef Forrest Liu and Karan Tsoi are as endearing as they are industrious. They have traveled the world, trained under the likes of Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Susur Lee and Mark McEwan; toiled and sacrificed; even opened a pop-up restaurant in their own living room to test out menu ideas and create capital on the road to realizing their dream of owning their own restaurant, with the freedom to share their own passion, in their own way. Continue reading “Where To DINE Now: Terre Rouge”

Dinner and a Show with my Toddler: Paw Patrol Live!

Anyone who knows a toddler knows Paw Patrol. What The Beatles were for our parents, Paw Patrol is for our kids. A Canadian creation, Paw Patrol mania has swept the world. So, when the opportunity to see them live comes along, we pounce!

March 16, 17, 18, Paw Patrol will be Live at the Sony Centre in Toronto! (Get Tix Here: www.pawpatrollive.com). Recently I spoke with “Skye” played by Kelsey Krull. Continue reading “Dinner and a Show with my Toddler: Paw Patrol Live!”