Chilean Wine From the Heart of the Maipo Valley

Chile is revered for wine and poetry. Long admired for its diversity of wines and high quality production, there is poetry in the vineyard, and in the bottle. At the vanguard of the Chilean wine industry, ambassador for the promotion of Chilean “designation of origin,” Marcelo Papa has coalesced taste of place with pride in place to extract the best expression of the Maipo Valley, and elegantly show the fruit of what this world class wine region is producing today through wines like the Concha y Toro Marques de Casa Concha 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon. Continue reading “Chilean Wine From the Heart of the Maipo Valley”

The Bordeaux Wine Route

The world of wine swirls around Bordeaux. Bordeaux is a style, a quality, and a symbol of status. The soul of Bordeaux is vested in the newly minted La Cité du Vin. Is it shaped like a decanter? What is it? We ask. In fact, it’s a “non-shape.” It is an abstract representation of the flow of wine pouring into a glass. Sheer brilliance. A magnet for oenophiles and for those simply curious about the alluring and iridescent mica and glass structure, changing colours as it reflects the sun like a glimmering temple nestled on the riverbank. Continue reading “The Bordeaux Wine Route”

Drea’s Sauvignon Blanc: A Tradition of Excellence

In his home cellar, Karl Kaiser, would make a special ‘batch’ of Sauvignon Blanc, year after year. He would make it for his wife and for his daughter, and he was so determined to make it to their exact liking. Nervously, he would try to lower expectations—just in case—and would explain that the wine was still young, and that it needed time to become integrated and balanced. Continue reading “Drea’s Sauvignon Blanc: A Tradition of Excellence”

The Benefits of Drinking Organic Wine

As winemaking has swept from the old world to the new world and across emerging regions within that, we need to look to wineries, like Bonterra Organic Vineyards, that employ sustainable practices. Despite the evolution and modernization of viticulture, the most refined practices are still the organic and biodynamic methods of old—staying true to the fruit of the vine by nourishing the soil that provides it. Continue reading “The Benefits of Drinking Organic Wine”

Old Italian Style, New Niagara Wine

It’s been said there are many ways to skin a cat. Within the proliferation of Niagara wineries, it seems, there are many ways to make wine—beautiful wine across the region made in a variety of styles, but with one common denominator—the degree of passion put into the bottle is reflected in what comes out. Appassimento is an old technique that has attracted wineries from all corners of the region, and vaulted their wines to the front of the peloton of winemakers that are moving Niagara in an exciting direction. Continue reading “Old Italian Style, New Niagara Wine”

Indulging in After the Fire Wines at Toronto’s Ritz Carlton Hotel

“After the Fire” was a profound theme for a magnificent evening at TOCA, the beautiful restaurant on the mezzanine at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Toronto. Signorello Estate, in partnership with Michelin Star Chef Oliver Glowig of Rome, who happens to be the Executive Chef at TOCA, hosted a dinner to introduce the newest labels from the winery, literally after the fire that devastated so much of California. Continue reading “Indulging in After the Fire Wines at Toronto’s Ritz Carlton Hotel”

Interview with a Wine Maker: Peter Rotar, Magnotta Winery

Magnotta Winery is a winery of firsts: first sparkling ice wine; first iced grappa; first Amarone-inspired wine; first company of its kind in Ontario licensed to produce and sell wine, beer and distilled products; and first Ontario winery to partner with Canada Post for direct home delivery. Magnotta has been one of the most innovative and philanthropic Ontario wineries; it has the number one selling ice wine in the world, and with Head Enologist Peter Rotar, Magnotta it has gone on to win over 4,500 international wine awards. Continue reading “Interview with a Wine Maker: Peter Rotar, Magnotta Winery”