Alan Anderson, Canada’s Couture Costume Jewellery Designer

If Canadian jewellery designer Alan Anderson had his way, women would wear his bold, statement jewellery to the grocery store. While his pieces have adorned magazine covers around the world, been worn by celebrities and Hollywood royalty – Elizabeth Taylor owned a cuff – Anderson is happiest to see women wearing his pieces during the day, for no special reason other than their own desire to feel good… and stand out. Continue reading “Alan Anderson, Canada’s Couture Costume Jewellery Designer”

Today’s Man: Why Do Men Dress Like Slobs?

When men say they’re going to slip into something a little more comfortable, they really mean it.

Why do men dress like slobs? Although they aspire to be dashing career professionals during the week, a singularly male sensibility takes over when the sun goes down, or the weekend arrives, and they revert to basic maleness. Whether the man is a creative genius or a financial player, he’ll wallow around in 10-year-old track pants and a 20 year old T-shirt. Men, it seems, like to be slobs. Continue reading “Today’s Man: Why Do Men Dress Like Slobs?”