Into the Blue…Mountains

…Mountains, that is. Take a bite out of Ontario big apple country

Time was, Collingwood built lake freighters, navy trawlers and ice breakers. It then developed as a winter destination for skiing and eventually became an all season destination for hiking, caving, golfing, paddling and zip lining. Then, from Georgian Bay’s fruit basket, apples became the core of tourism.

What we’ve discovered is, an escape to The Blue Mountains, with its endless outdoor activities and festivals, offers many ways to appreciate and enjoy Ontario’s quintessential fruit: the apple. Continue reading “Into the Blue…Mountains”

Brust: Two Friends, Cold Brew Coffee and Protein

Two students in an MBA class at the University of Western Ontario: one, Josh Barr, an Iron Man triathlete; the other, Amar Gupta, a professional squash player; both in search of the perfect protein beverage.

One shiny day between class and the gym, Barr and Gupta nodded in agreement that the “protein drink” needed a makeover. “We drank a lot of protein drinks.” They acknowledge. “It always seemed that drinking protein was a chore for us. It’s something we never enjoyed doing.” High caloric content, complex ingredients, chalky taste—they both knew there just had to be a better way. This athletic duo had one more interest in common: endless hours studying for their degree required more than a few cups of coffee.

And Thus A Brilliant Idea Was Hatched!

A light bulb went off as Gupta and Barr recognized their calling. Why not combine the two things we love most? A protein drink with coffee; or a coffee with protein? They knew what needed be done.

In conjunction with the food science program at Guelph University they sought to create a beverage rich in coffee flavour and high in protein. What they came up with had to meet their requirements of being low in sugar, low in calories, and nutritionally sound. They used cold brew coffee rather than artificial coffee flavour, and combined it with clean-sourced grass-fed protein rather than a synthetic. They sampled twenty different iterations until they discovered the right recipe.

It’s What’s Not Inside That Counts

No GMO’s; no gluten; no nuts; no soy; no eggs; no gums; and 99%+ lactose free. It’s not thick, not grainy and not chalky; and there’s no lingering aftertaste. There are less than 7 grams of cane sugar and only 120 calories–substantially less than any other on the market. And, it’s not coffee flavour; it’s actual coffee! Arabica beans from Columbia and Brazil, cold-brewed for a more pure, less acidic and less bitter flavour combined with 20 grams of lean grass-fed protein.

What’s In A Name?

Brüst is clean energy composed of simple ingredients with clean taste. Cold brew coffee with a boost of protein = Brüst. It’s available in slick tetra packs at fitness clubs like Equinox and Cross Fit, and supermarkets from Farm Boy and Foodland to McEwan, Sobey’s and Longos. There’s free shipping in Toronto, which is good for me, as my workout of the day is sitting here at my computer, racing to meet a deadline, fueled by my light and refreshing Brüst.

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The Bordeaux Wine Route

The world of wine swirls around Bordeaux. Bordeaux is a style, a quality, and a symbol of status. The soul of Bordeaux is vested in the newly minted La Cité du Vin. Is it shaped like a decanter? What is it? We ask. In fact, it’s a “non-shape.” It is an abstract representation of the flow of wine pouring into a glass. Sheer brilliance. A magnet for oenophiles and for those simply curious about the alluring and iridescent mica and glass structure, changing colours as it reflects the sun like a glimmering temple nestled on the riverbank. Continue reading “The Bordeaux Wine Route”

For the Love of Soba in Hyogo

With great anticipation I arrive at the impeccable Hoshinoya ryokan in Kyoto, Japan, and head to dinner. Seated in front of the chef’s counter, my host welcomes me and begins to prepare fresh soba noodles, apparently just for me. Humbly checking if all is to my liking, my waitress asks, “Yoroshii desu ka?” as my eyes glaze over and my mind drifts back to a long ago memory…of soba. Continue reading “For the Love of Soba in Hyogo”

Argentine Beef: Pride of the Asado

Argentina has more cattle than people. The “ocean of grass” through which cattle roam across the Pampas region, while endangered, is considered to be one of the richest grazing areas in the world. There is, on average, 10,000 square metres per cow. Naturally, the quality of an animal’s lifestyle and diet affects the quality of its meat. With freedom to exercise, they have less saturated and intramuscular fats, and because of their natural diet of grass, there is more vitamin E, beta-carotene and omega 3- and -6 fatty acids, which regulate fatty lipid absorption, decrease inflammatory processes, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and improve overall blood circulation. Grass-fed beef also contains twice as much conjugated linoleic acid as grain-fed beef, which has anticancer properties and is proven to reduce cardiovascular disease. Continue reading “Argentine Beef: Pride of the Asado”

Food Not to Skip This Year

Perhaps, one of your goals this year was to eat healthily or to drop off some pounds. With a variety of foods to eat, making the right choice between what to eat and what not to eat can be stressful. What’s more, different methods of cooking food can keep you at a crossroad. You may love it grilled, fried or better smoked. Whatever your option, here are the best foods not to skip this year. Continue reading “Food Not to Skip This Year”

How to Buy and Taste Olive Oil

Olive Oil is the Essence of Mediterranean Culture

• There are as many olive oil varieties as there are grapes, and twice as much variability in taste.
• Italy has twenty different olive oil producing regions all with different character, taste and flavour.
• Italy has over 700 different native varieties of different cultivars
• The major olive oil countries in the Mediterranean are: Spain, Italy and Greece. They are the largest producers and the largest consumers, producing 4/5 of the world’s crop. HOWEVER, while Italy exports to the major retail markets, exports from Spain and Greece are overwhelmingly used as wholesale to Italian “blenders”. Continue reading “How to Buy and Taste Olive Oil”