Hamilton Renaissance

What do I know about Hamilton? Comedians, steel, doughnuts. But, recently there is a flourishing arts scene, and a dining explosion. Really! Who knew? The architecture, the galleries, and the restaurants have all forced me to recalibrate to this up-and-coming destination along the Golden Horseshoe—and apparently I’m not alone. Check out (and check off) this culinary blitz: a dozen edible reasons to explore #HamOnt. Continue reading “Hamilton Renaissance”

Wagyu and Cognac at Shoushin

A truly great dinner is like a Broadway show that resonates long after curtain call. I can still remember that incredible scene when the chef dazzled us with his chilled Australian sandfish and sea cucumber, steamed and splashed with Chinese malt vinegar and Szechuan pepper, and paired with Chinese sake made from sticky rice and red koji. What a performance! Continue reading “Wagyu and Cognac at Shoushin”