Cooking With Cacao Barry

Chocolate. The very word sounds indulgent. There is obviously a world of difference between supermarket products that say “chocolate-y” as a disclaimer vs. the real thing. There is also a difference between cacao and cocoa; as well as a growing trend to use cacao in cooking—not just for sweets, but also for savoury dishes. So, how do we know what to purchase?
We want couverture chocolate with a firm snap and creamy flavour. But, there are also distinct regional differences. Different flavour profiles compliment different recipes. How do we know which region we should be looking at? Continue reading “Cooking With Cacao Barry”

City Stay-cation

No cottage in the country? Have a Summerlicious weekend in the city. At the Intercontinental Toronto Centre, they’ve got our weekend planned: an afternoon swim at the 48 ft. saline pool and whirlpool, lounging on the scenic terrace and perhaps indulging in some pampering at the AVEDA concept Spa. After a quick change it’s a sumptuous Summerlicious dinner under a glass canopy in the beautiful Azure Restaurant & Bar. Relaxed and ravenous, we are ready to be wined and dined. Continue reading “City Stay-cation”