The Renaissance of Canadian Whisky

When Patrick O’Driscoll, President and CEO of Hiram Walker and Sons, opened up a cupboard of old products, he had no idea what he had found. Asking his master blender, Dr. Don Livermore, what it was, he was told these bottles of Lot No. 40 and Pike Creek whisky were leftovers from a failed launch in the ‘90s. These were fantastic products, but the trend of the day was elsewhere. Tastes change.
“Can we bring these back,” O’Driscoll asked? “Yes,” answered Dr. Livermore. The right whisky was still maturing. It could still be reformulated to match the original product. Three years ago Lot No. 40 and Pike Creek were both re-launched, and recently Lot No. 40 won the 2015 Canadian Whisky Awards coveted Canadian Whisky of The Year. Continue reading “The Renaissance of Canadian Whisky”

Thunder Bay: Ontario’s Next Destination

This past January the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, led by Rebecca Mackenzie, in conjunction with Tourism Thunder Bay, convened the first ever Northwestern Ontario Forum for Food Farms and Tourism to discuss fostering a regional food strategy. It was an eye opening conference in which awareness of what makes Thunder Bay the next hot destination was churned through, what Mackenzie referred to as, “a tumbleweed connection of creativity.” The keynote speaker was Jamie Kennedy, imparting his wisdom as one who, years ago, was integral to developing Prince Edward County’s food tourism. “I’m convinced that this is a vibrant community with a food strategy around it.” Shared Kennedy. “This is a unique place.” Continue reading “Thunder Bay: Ontario’s Next Destination”

Where To DINE Now: Belsito Trattoria

We can’t reinvent pasta, just the passion for it. When a new Italian restaurant opens with a seasoned chef, we must dine there–whether for the chef’s classic signature style, or his new inspiration, or his Nonna’s secret recipes. Anticipation surrounded the opening of Belsito Trattoria in Kleinburg. After all, you can’t fool this local clientele. Continue reading “Where To DINE Now: Belsito Trattoria”