Swiss Master’s Valentine

Swiss Master Chocolatier
The Swiss Masters have converted their entire shop into a treasure of Valentine’s confections with the most adorable packaging to suit every sweet heart.

Endless gift ideas include: large and small solid milk chocolate hearts, solid lollies, chocolate roses, petite four hearts, and figurines of porcupines or teddy bears on chocolate heart disks. As well as:
* Thick velvet heart shaped boxes of truffles (26 pieces/ $54.99)
* Rhinestone decorated heart shaped boxes (22 pieces/ $48.99) and (9 pieces/ $21.99)
* Chocolate heart shaped boxes, hollowed, halved, and filled with three truffles: dome of almond butter cream; swiss kiss of praline; and a white chocolate heart with nut truffle filling. ($7.99)
* Double layered chocolate heart shaped shells with 11 truffles inside, done up with a pretty bow ($25.99)
* Each box is beautifully presented in tissue and gift bag.

*The Easter Bunny is just around the corner. More selections of cocoa confections!

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