Our Just Desserts

SC It’s not enough to be sweet. We want our dessert to be rich! Here’s some wonderful desserts that we’ve tasted this summer at Toronto restaurants that made us forget the time and get lost in every decadent morsel.

The Shore Club: Baked Alaska
So special it’s not even on the menu. It is “verbalized” at the table. Don’t pass up this flaming iceberg of ice cream topped with sponge cake and meringue. Each individualized portion is set ablaze at the table. A hotspot for the after work crowd who loves the flavour forward menus for which The Shore Club is known, this dessert is a conversation piece that is a fun taste to share (or get two!) www.theshoreclub.ca

Vaughan is home to a-lot of good fresh pasta. How about the desserts?

Trimani Trimani: Tiramisu
Just when we thought we were bored of the same old same old on Italian restaurant menus, we are re-introduced to how a recipe is supposed to taste. Some chefs get tired of making the same dish and it shows. Not Trimani’s Certified chef de cuisine Domenic Colacci. His chicken is crisp and juicy, all his pasta is fresh and luxurious, and his simple tiramisu is more velvety, rich and nuanced than it ever was in my memory. Served in a mason jar, we pair with espresso and scoop up every last crumb with delight. The intelligentsia of good Italian food eat here. www.trimani.ca

Dr'sHouse XXI Chophouse: Mini Donuts
It’s located within the Doctor’s House, and the Doctor is in! While initially I had no interest in ordering mini donuts, now I would drive back to Kleinburg in a heartbeat for them. They’re not typical. Their texture is like the heart of a croissant. Sprinkled with icing sugar, they are pop-in-your-mouth goodies on their own, but each dip is sinfully divine, and after dipping I spoon every last ounce from their bowls. Salty caramel, peanut crème anglais, and chocolate hazelnut are all words that I love, and their thick texture drapes over each donut luxuriously. My prescription? Visit Kleinburg, stroll the garden of the Doctor’s House, eat two donuts, and call me in the morning. www.xxichophouse.com

Copper Copper Creek: Dessert Trio
The view of the grounds from the Bistro and Kleinburg Room, high above the trees and golf course below, is a serene panorama that makes us forget where we are. The delicate finesse of virtuoso Executive Chef, Gianpiero Tondina immediately transports us far far away. The finale is an artful palate of colour, texture and flavour that showcases the love and talent in this kitchen. Dreamy blueberry and yogurt sorbet on white chocolate ganache; a delicately crisp and soft wedge of pecan tart with a chocolate ganache; and smooth velvety cheesecake with caramel sauce are a trio of playful symphonies. www.coppercreek.ca

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