Where To DINE Now: Tutti Pizzeria

PIZZA-TUTTI Tutti Pizzeria has opened its doors at last, and the aroma of pizza baking in the splendid red pizza oven makes us crazy with desire.

Yorkville residents and passers-by have been peering into the windows of Tutti. Waiting impatiently. Admiring the gleaming red and white Italian tile interior, the marble counters and tables, the shelves filled with imported olive oils, Italian beer and wine. Clearly evident, is the brilliant design of Irfan Bukhari, of Bukhari Design Inc., one of the more creative minds making their mark hereabouts.

Tutti is the crème de la crème of pizza parlours. It all starts with the flour. Exclusively TUTTI-PIZZERIA-INSIDE formulated for them, it is all natural with no sugar added and is shipped in its original state from Italy. That’s when it falls into the professional hands of Francesco Santocono, recent winner of the World Cup of Pizza held in Rome, and official consultant of the Italian Pizza Association in Rome. The process of making the dough, mixing in some soya flour for a lower carb crust, and allowing the proper fermentation process to occur, takes time. From the day the dough is kneaded to the day the pizza is eaten takes four to five days.

And here’s the good part. Manager, Marco Mariani explains that the selection of TUTT-PIZZAS toppings is classic and authentic and all $6.75. The San Danielle proscuitto is from Friuli; the tomatoes are San Marzano; the cheeses are Italian, for example Parmigianno Reggiano is from Parma. From Trieste comes the Theresianer beer, and there is the Collisi four glass bottle in brown or blonde. Perfectly matched to pizza. But there is more: salad of the day, proscuitto sliced to order; charcuterie and cheese trays; home made canolli and tiramisu, and even a Nutella sandwich if that’s what you crave.

TUTTI-PIZZERIA I’m sitting at the marble counter, toying with the wall mounted i-pad. I am loving the flavors and texture of my pizza funghi and sipping a glass of San Jovese, the $7.00 by the glass, house wine. Looking through the windows at the Cumberland park and the comings and goings of Yorkville area shoppers, makes this about as perfect an Italian experience as you can get in a Toronto restaurant.

~ Tutti Pizzeria 100 Bloor St. W. (Cumberland Side) 416-929-7980 ~

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