Hot Stove Love

yes2 Can there be true love between man and machine? Yes indeed. Car/man relationships are the stuff of tv commercials. Blackberry became known as Crackberry. Some people sleep with their lap top or ipad next to them in bed. In my lifetime I have had two love affairs with my kitchen stove. Now I have found the third. Miele Range 48”. It makes me want to rip out my kitchen and renovate around my new love. I can swipe and scroll to access countless MasterChef automated cooking programs, there is a wireless roast probe and more.

Foodies looking for partners to bring out their inner chef, will thrill to the attributes of this 48” range or, if space is an issue, there is also a 36” and a 30”.

yes1 This is not just another pretty face in the crowd of ranges at the appliance stores. No, it is a revolution in cooking for those of us who are fanatic weekend chefs or home cooks.This ultimate one stop culinary centre, features 8 burners with grill or griddle versions available, a convection oven including Moisture plus, an “exclusive” to Miele integrated Speed Oven, and a Gourmet warming drawer that can also be used as a slow cooker. And its available in dual fuel – gas and electric.

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