Wine Awakenings

wineawakenings Earlier this year DINE offered a Wine Awakenings Aroma Kit Contest. As a fellow wine drinker with a passion for drinking wine…lots of it …the wine awakening continues…

For young executives living that “aspirational” lifestyle, inspired by wine and a goal to enrich the “wine experience”, Wine Awakenings enables us to determine which wines feature our preferred aromas. Wine Awakenings Wine Aroma Kits are available for on-line purchases at

** For any purchases made on the Wine Awakenings website from reading this article there will be a $25 rebate!The promo code is WA01. **

Who are the Wine Awakenings Kits for?
u-slide-3 Anyone interested in furthering their wine knowledge – they make great gifts for anyone from novice to connoisseur. The three most popular kits are the 12 aroma Red or White, followed by Wine Faults. Other varietals are: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Icewine.

Wine-Expert-in-a-Box is the only completely on-line program designed specifically for a wine aficionado or anyone working in the hospitality industry who would like to hone their wine serving/wine knowledge skills.

Wine-Awakenings-new-stack-v1_62-2-707x1024 Edition Spéciale introductory kit for either Red or White wine is a great introduction to initiate the novice into the world of wine. When combined with the DINE promo code, it is the ONLY 20 aroma kit in the world selling for less than $100!

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