Where TO DINE Now: Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Steak A picture is worth a thousand words; so is one bite of a robust juicy steak.

When Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine Bar opened it’s doors at it’s new downtown location, it did so with a cosmopolitan makeover, but with the same classic menu as its North York location that has established itself as one of Toronto’s great steak houses. Modern tweaks appeal to vegetarians. We’re hard pressed to think of another steak restaurant that caters to vegetarians and also proudly lists gluten-free options.

Wildfire3 While the cocktail crowd nibbles on crunchy polenta cubes and succulent chipotle and lime-marinaded beef kabobs, our eyes are on the racks of lamb, tangy ribs and piri piri chicken whisked to neighbouring tables. But we’ve come here for the steak. Aged in-house for forty days, this quality Canadian beef is as tender as it gets. Owner, Jody Ness, has his finger on the pulse with an urban-chic vibe, but knows that you can’t fake a great steak. Melting in house-made butters like peppercorn, shallot truffle, and blue cheese, add a creamy essence to already mouthwatering morsels.

Wildfire2 Serving an award winning selection of wines in an unpretentious ambience, right in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, Ness delivers on his motto of hospitality, “one guest at a time”.

Cosmopolitan: 416-350-8188, 8 Colborne St.
North York: 416-483-4800, 3438 Yonge St.

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