Wine Awakenings Contest Winner

WIN Thank you to all who entered DINE’s Wine Awakenings Aroma kit contest. The responses ranged from humorous to thoughtful, and we have found a winner!

Congratulations to…Bruce Turnbull from British Columbia!!! Here is Bruce Turnbull’s winning answer to: “I want to learn more about how to enjoy and appreciate wine, because…”

“…it is one of life’s finer pleasures. We all have to eat and nothing complements a good meal better than a good wine. I have always been challenged to describe exactly what tastes and aromas I experience when drinking wine and have always thought that a wine essence kit would help me discern and articulate the flavours and bouquet. It would also be a fun and educational way to conduct a wine tasting party.”

The Prize Package of 1 White Wine Kit (Valued at $159) Includes:

  • Aromas: 12 vials containing the most common aromas found in white wine
  • Instructional booklet: Including info on the predominant aromas; a brief history of white wine; as well as tips on tasting.
  • Scent Cards: Interactive cards with information on each of the scents.
  • Interactive notepad: To practice skills acquired through the kit.
  • Wine aroma wheel: Providing the benefits of describing wines in specific terms.

Based in Toronto, Wine Awakenings is a fun, easy and brilliant way to learn about and enjoy the world of wine. For more info on Wine Awakenings, check out:

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