Where to DINE Now: Touro Churrascaria

Touro Brazil’s Carnaval is on my bucket list. In the meantime I want to eat Rodizio-style and drink copious amounts of caiparinha. Apparently I’m not alone. Brazilian cuisine has become popular. Enter Touro (bull in Portuguese), and we see why. Of the Churrascaria openings in Toronto, Touro Churrascaria stands like a proud matador. We want an experience when we dine. Here we are in for one that is unique.

Loungecloseup Waiting for friends to arrive, we sit comfy in the lounge by the enomatic wine selection, and purchase a pre-paid chip card. Swiping for one, three and six ounce pours we enjoy a variety of wines (there are twenty four to choose) that we had never tasted before.

As we enter the dining room we pass the “appetizer island” boasting over forty items of Touro salad vegetables, imported cheeses, cured meats and Brazilian side dishes. One must be strategic here, because it is too easy to fill up before the meal even begins.

The “tour de carne” (table-side meat service) begins as our gaúcho explains the protocol of our colour cards: green means go (more food); red means stop (I’m pacing myself); and TOUROOS yellow means caution (I’m a vegetarian). As soon as we flip them over, fifteen special cuts of tender skewered meat are paraded toward us. Top sirloin, bottom sirloin, juicy picanha, succulent lamb, short ribs, bacon-wrapped chicken. This is heaven to me. Cheese bread, yucca, fried bananas and polenta accompany zesty house-made barbecue sauce, pico de gallo and chimichurri. We indulge in a flavour extravaganza.

TBSThe language of good food is universal, and we want to taste everything…at least once. From the a la carte menu there is also a bounty of vegetarian and seafood items like crispy cod cakes, packed crab cakes, and grilled swordfish. Desserts include a decadent cheesecake tower, but here in Brazil we order the ultimate pièce de résistance, the brown sugar and cinnamon- dusted grilled pineapple. Obrigado very much!

Touro is also open for Sunday brunch with a breakfast-themed buffet that includes all the grilled meats and that flavour bursting pineapple dessert.

~ Touro Churrascaria, 125 York Boulevard, Richmond Hill, 905-73-TOURO ~

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