Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

wineawakenings We cannot taste what we cannot smell. We typically associate smells with memories. If we learn to articulate what we are smelling through the associations that we have, we can more easily answer questions like, “Which wine do you recommend with…?” “What kind of wine do you like, and why?” Wine Awakenings is a brilliant assemblage of small aroma bottles of the most common scents found in wine along with descriptive literature geared toward educating wine lovers of all vintages and experience whether for personal, social or professional aims. There are kits specific to Cabernet-Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Wine-Awakenings-new-stack-v1_62-2-707x1024Icewine. They also carry general kits for “white”, “red” and “wine faults”. For young executives who need to be able to make a good impression or for those working in hospitality, it inspires confidence. Also check out: Wine Expert in a Box which teaches how to sell and serve wine! From our experience hosting dinner parties, this is a fun, engaging, and enriching activity when seated around the table, challenging each others senses. Based in Toronto, Wine Awakenings is the only one of its kind in the world! (Enter the DINE contest to win a Wine Awakenings kit)
cannoliHoly Cannoli! Val Cappelli and his son Michael churn out 1000 – 1500 cannoli per week at The Big Cannoli. Their display case is generally bare, because their cannoli is always made fresh to order. Their original recipes of mascarpone ricotta, lemon ricotta, and nutella cream are distinct and heavenly. Check out their list of original flavours and their catering options. With a The Big Cannoli station at an event, where the cannoli is made fresh right in front of us in crunchy shells imported directly from Italy, what more could we want…perhaps another cannoli?
The Swiss-Master Chocolatier is Toronto’s purveyor of “beautiful chocolates for beautiful people”. Look for beautifully wrapped fresh cream truffles and pralines in chocolate heart-shaped packages of 3 and 12, as well as coffee heart truffles; dark truffle hearts; raspberry in milk chocolate heart truffles; “three little kisses” of hazelnuts enrobed in rich milk chocolate; assorted truffles packaged with a butterfly, as well as a dark chocolate assortment and adorable “bunnies in love” and “will you be my Teddy Bear?” chocolates. There is only one Swiss-Master Chocolatier.
THERMOMIX Love at first blend: Thermomix enabled me to be creative, attempt recipes that might have otherwise been too difficult, and select healthier ingredients. From hot soup to ice cream, there is absolutely nothing like this incredible machine. It saves time, space, effort and money. For home-demonstrations contact Monika Newelska or Olsi Kule: /

February is Heart Health Month, Please Give Generously

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