Thai Me Up

thai1 Thai Select Premium status has been awarded to Linda Modern Thai. Sawa dee cup Linda. I’ll have a table for two.

What does Thai Select Premium mean? It signifies a minimum of 5-star-excellence, and is awarded to Thai restaurants with traditional decoration, outstanding service, and authentic quality cuisine, using essential ingredients imported directly from Thailand for a premier dining experience. In Canada there are four Thai restaurants awarded this high designation–the newest recipient, Linda Modern Thai, is in the heart of the Shops at Don Mills.

thai3 There is a myriad of Thai restaurants in Toronto, but sorting through the ones that use ketchup in their pad thai to find the ones that are truly authentic is no small task. That is why anyone who has ever traveled to Thailand depends on official designators–like the Thai government–to identify for us where we can experience the true taste of Thailand.

thai4 Classical Thai flavours with modern techniques reflect Thailand today, but the Liu family, owners of Linda Modern Thai, are no strangers to Toronto’s Thai restaurant scene, having owned and operated downtown Thai favourite, Salad King, for years.

Under a canopy of egg, the phad thai sings with notes of tamarind and fish sauce; and thai6 whole grouper is fried and touched with tangy essence. Mango salad is a bundle of herbs and citrus, while crispy beef with a velvety curry is sweet and tender. A favourite of vegetarians, veggies luxuriate within a hollowed out pineapple of silky yellow curry and coconut. Clean and vibrant, the colours and flavours of Thailand have a new designated home.

Linda Modern Thai • 11 Karl Fraser Road • 416-642-3866

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