Café Class

351 My KRUPS BARISTA sits on the kitchen counter, ready to fulfill my every coffee desire at the touch of a button. Its sleek black and silver exterior hides the electronic precision inside. “Hello,” says the easy to read digital screen, as it begins to pre-heat. What shall I choose? Ristretto, Espresso, Café Latte, Hot Milk, Coffee? Today, it will be Cappuccino–large. I pour some cold almond milk into a glass cup, place it under the glowing blue light, and touch the icon. What happens next is so amazing, I want to run and call in the neighbours.

A slim nozzle plunges into the cup to preheat the milk; the nozzle froths the milk and retracts, as the digital screen politely asks, “Please wait for a few moments.” There is a soft whirring sound as beans are ground, out of view, and in seconds, aromatic espresso streams into the cup. Foamy hot milk rises to the top, creating a triple layer in the cup. “Your Cappuccino is ready,” reads the screen. And there is more. The nozzle plunges into a vial of boiling water to self clean. My hands touch nothing except the handle of the cup.

Yes, I am in love with a machine, and I shall call my Krups Barista, Marco.

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