Italianissimo! The Spa

In Vino Veritas—In wine there is truth—and, truth be told, wine is really good for you. Resveratrol and anti-oxidants help keep our heart in good shape, and vinotherapy, a wine massage, is also an excellent health promoter. italianissimo-spa So here we are, in one of the world’s more important wine producing regions at the Adler Thermae Spa in Bagno Vignoni in the Tuscan countryside, prepared to experience wine, inside and out. It is a haven for Italians and other Europeans, and remains exempt from commercial North America. From the balcony of my room, I overlook the thermal pools. There are circular areas where one stands, and jets erupt intermittently to hit different areas of the body. Exhilarating.

At dinner, a luxurious buffet of salads and antipasti—a farmers’ market of raw and lightly steamed vegetables, fl anked by trays of olive oils, vinegars and salad dressings. Bread bakes in the oven right in front of us. As loaves come out, they’re placed on the counter for us to choose and slice. Heavy beamed ceilings and a colonnaded, glass roofed centre court is anchored by an aged olive tree. Maitre d’ Manfredo is exemplary in his role—there is not a question he can’t answer. A new gourmet menu of substantials is offered at each meal. Exercise classes, Pilates, stretching, dynamic gym and jogging on the trails are encouraged. After a hike and picnic around the green velvet hills, the Grotto Salina, an underground salt bath, and the steam sauna with Tuscan herbs is rejuvenating.

An ever-changing daily excursion program is available, for hiking, visiting the markets, wine tasting, or any number of activities. The personality is Swiss excellence and healthy, natural indulgence. Here, there is the luxury of truth and purity, as seen in the colours of nature.

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