DINE magazine, Sound Bite: Andean Sour

Following a journey along Peru’s Pisco Trail, I had the opportunity to create my own version of a Pisco Sour at Pisco Bar Corner in Miraflores, Lima. Peru is the most bio-diverse country in the world and produces a unique cornucopia of fruits, vegetables and herbs. After a trip to the market, I came up with the “Andean Sour” using Pisco Quebranta, Rocoto-infused Pisco; a medley of peppers, a swirl of passion fruit, and a sprig of Huacatay. My idea was to create a cocktail that reflected my journey. It was a fresh burst of heat and citrus without being too volatile.

* For The Best Pisco Sour Cocktails in Toronto, there are two places to visit:

For pisco and Pan-South American cuisine: Ba Ba Luu
For pisco and authentic Peruvian cuisine: Boulevard Cafe

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