The Sweet Northern Life

An apple pie a day makes for a romantic getaway…
“Was that me screaming?” It takes about two exhilarating minutes to wind down Blue Mountain on the new Ridge Runner mountain coaster and, like a scene out of Return of the Jedi, we feel like ewoks flying through the woods.
Collingwood has changed so much since we were kids lugging ski equipment for weekend lessons. Now, it’s a four-season destination to a river or a beach, paddling or sailing, skiing or snowshoeing, yoga on the docks or golfing on the greens, caving, climbing, hiking and some of the best cycling in Ontario along the highest trails in the escarpment. This is an interest-oriented place. It’s where we visit, and end up wanting to stay. Continue reading “The Sweet Northern Life”

Health Beauty: Skin Under Siege

The enemies of our skin are legion, and they take no prisoners. Sun. Cold. Wind. Dryness. These are predators that attack men, women, children, without mercy. We all put up a brave front and ignore the elements in the naïve belief that in doing so, they will ignore us. A recent visit to my dermatologist proved me wrong.
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