Olympic Cocktails

Cheer on Team Canada at the 2012 Summer Olympics with a pentathlon of Olympic cocktails from Canada’s own Iceberg Vodka.

Olympic Torch
1 oz Iceberg Vodka
5 oz orange juice
1 shot grenadine syrup
With ice, mix Iceberg Vodka and orange juice in a tall glass. Top with grenadine syrup.

Berry Icy Waters
2 oz Iceberg Vodka
1 cup chopped strawberries
1/2 cup ice
4 oz Ocean Spray White Cranberry Peach Juice
Blend all ingredients until smooth. Serve in a tall glass.

1.5 oz Iceberg Vodka
3 oz milk
1 Tbsp Canadian Maple Syrup
Shake ingredients with ice, strain into chilled cocktail glass.

Canadian Marathon Martini
1.5 oz Iceberg Vodka
1.5 oz Canadian ice wine
2 oz white cranberry juice
Frozen grapes
Prepare one day prior: wash red grapes, coat with sugar and freeze. Muddle frozen grapes with ice wine. Spoon 2-3 frozen and sugar-frosted grapes into bottom of glass. Combine Iceberg Vodka, ice wine, ice and white cranberry juice in shaker. Shake and strain over grapes in glass.

Cold-ing Ceremony
1 oz Iceberg Vodka
1 shot very strong coffee
1 oz Dooley’s Liquor
1 tsp vanilla simple syrup
In shaker with ice, shake until frothy and strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with fresh cocoa and crushed chocolate espresso beans if desired.

About Iceberg Vodka:

Canadian Iceberg Vodka Corporation is the largest premium Canadian-owned Vodka brand. Since 1995, this ultra-premium vodka has been made by combining pristine water harvested from icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland with triple-distilled neutral spirit made from sweet corn grown in Ontario. Sold by all the major provincial liquor control boards in Canada as well as by distributors in the United States and worldwide, Iceberg is the World’s Purest VodkaTM.

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