The Last Supper

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Workshop: The Exhibition
A Genius Ahead of His Time

One of history’s greatest inventors and artists is featured in a new exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre. Leonardo da Vinci’s Workshop: The Exhibition, presented by Barilla Canada Inc., features models of Leonardo’s inventions, incredible technology that allows visitors to interact with his notebooks (codices) and digital versions of iconic pieces such as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

The exhibition includes the world’s first digital reproduction of the restored The Last Supper, as well as a digital version of the Mona Lisa, whose paint strokes we examined. Suddenly The Da Vinci Code comes to mind, and we are examining these paintings as if we are forensic scholars.

“Through working prototypes and digital technology, his sketches and ideas are brought to like in the exhibition allowing visitors a glimpse of this inventive spirit,” said Lesley Lewis, Ontario Science Centre CEO.

The first-ever models of his Great Kite (his “flying machine”), Harpsichord-Viola instrument and Mechanical Lion, all brought to life exactly according to his drawings.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Workshop: The Exhibition runs through March 2012.

The Truth About Da Vince Myths

Leonardo did not write backwards to keep his thoughts secret.
Leonardo did not invent the bicycle.
Leonardo did not invent the military tank.
Leonardo did not invent the helicopter.

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