See Corbin C5

Can Chef Corbin Tomaszeski re-invent C5 at The ROM? “Yes”, he says, “I can and will.”

The New C5 Launches Tuesday, November 15. Be there.

“I am thrilled to be back on Bloor Street,” says Corbin. “I was on Bloor Street for so long, and when I left I missed the ‘connect’, I missed the environment, I missed the city, but more important I missed the people. I feel like I have found my favorite comfortable slippers. I want to do what I do best, and that is to cook and entertain people.”

SW: “Do you feel that you can make C5 better known to the general public? Can you make this a hot place to come for lunch?”

“Yes, I know I will,” Corbin says with conviction. “See, the trick is knowing your customer base and giving people what they want. Especially with food, people want something that is understandable, not overly simple, something that is all embracing, comforting, not complicated, and yet refreshing. I think that is missing and its needed, and we can accomplish that at C5.”

“What’s exciting,” he goes on, “is that we are actually revamping this structure. We do lunch very well, and we’ve extended the lunch program seven days a week. You will see some signature Chef Corbin dishes that you will recognize.”

This promise is from the chef who created a lunch menu at Holt’s Café into a lunch destination and not just a pause for refreshment while shopping.

I can’t even imagine what he will accomplish in the spectacular setting of C5 with sunlight streaming in through the windows at the pinnacle of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. Corbin’s taste preview hints at greatness. Truffle potato chips with fleur de sel and herbs; lobster BLT salad; chicken pot pie. We tasted and yearned for more.

A major decision is to close after the 11:00am to 3:00pm lunch service, seven days a week, and make C5 available as an event space for private parties. Good thinking.

We are pleased to welcome Chef Corbin to our ROM food services team, “says “Janet Carding, ROM director and CEO. “His creation of distinctive gastronomic experiences will make dining here a fundamental and enjoyable part of everybody’s ROM visit.

Ted Corrado, the talented former Executive Chef who opened C5, has been promoted to Regional Executive Chef for Compass Leisure (a subsidiary of Compass Group Canada). We wish you well Ted. Onward and upward!


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