Sauvignon Blanc for the Season

Levin Sauvignon Blanc is DINE’s choice for the Season

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy were recently featured in the UK press, sipping Levin Wines Sauvignon Blanc in a romantic London restaurant. No surprise, since Levin Wines Limited was built on the romance of the vine and as well as the romance between David and Lynne Levin.

David Levin began growing grapes in the Loire Valley in France in 1985. His dream had always been to produce wines for his own luxury hotels and restaurants, The Levin Hotel and the Capital Hotel in London. The original purchase of land was carefully managed by David Levin, selecting only the very best terrain for growing vines. Levin has vineyards on two very different types of terroirs.

Not content with just producing the best grapes from the very best terrain in the Loire, David wanted to extend his vision to create a state-of-the-art winery. Frustrated by not finding anyone in France to embrace his vision of an eco-sustainable, state of the art winery using the finest modern winemakers techniques that would allow the purest expression of his organically grown Sauvignon Blanc grapes, David searched the world and found a company in the Adelaide Hills that could turn his dream into a reality.

Shipped to France in its entirety from Australia, along with the engineers who specialized in its architecture and assembly, the Levin “Tin Shed Chateau” now stand proudly among the most beautiful of Chateaux of the Loire Valley.

The Levin Winery was not the only asset David found in Australia, he also found his wife Lynne. An Australian with 35 years experience in all facets of the wine distribution and export industry, Lynne Levin manages the winery operations in France, export sales and has also established Levin Wines Distribution in both the US and Australia. The launch of Levin Wines in Toronto saw Levin Sauvignon Blanc named as the Inaugural Winner of Michael Vaughan’s Signature Selection.

Rob Jull, founder and Co-CEO of Vinifera, said, “We at Vinifera are very excited by the opportunity Levin represents in the Ontario market. To my taste, the Levin’s Sauvignon Blanc offers both lovely mouth watering fruit, and clean, refreshing mineral qualities.”

In addition to Levin Sauvignon Blanc, Levin Rose and Levin Gamay, in Exceptional vintages they produce Mister L. 100% barrel fermented Sauvignon Blanc, and the very special, Madame L. old vines Gamay which they tell me is foot treaded by Madame L. herself.

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