I’m Dreamin’ of a Chocolate Christmas

Those of us who know the Swiss Master Chocolatier anxiously await the holidays. We know that while the chocolate must be wonderful, the packaging must be equally charming. Here, everything is so beautifully wrapped, you would think there were a group of elves in the back working round the clock to decorate each package.

A chocolate snowman with chocolate wafer and nut truffle filling is divine. Each golden box contains ten adorable snowmen.

Party trays with golden garlands are bejeweled with 56 assorted fresh cream filled truffles. The reusable keepsake trays reflect the full palette of Swiss Master chocolate.

Old fashioned Santa Claus statuettes are available in both large milk chocolate size and small dark chocolate size.

Swiss Master Chocolatier chocolates are flown into Toronto from select family-run chocolatiers across Switzerland. We are told that their fresh-cream truffles and pralines are not made for a long shelf-life, and after tasting one, we realize this will not be an issue. As the holidays near, we will stay tuned for more special delectables as they arrive.

Happy holidays from our sweet tooth to yours!

* Photography provided by Swiss Master Chocolatier

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