Blue Dragon Calphalon Cook-Off

Blue Dragon Makes Asian Cooking a Breeze

One November 1st, 12 food media gathered at the Calphalon Culinary Centre in Toronto to celebrate the Canadian launch of Blue Dragon, UK’s most authentic and favourite Asian products. In a Master Chef style cook-off food journalists put their Asian culinary skills to test in a 45-minute challenge for a chance to win $2000 for the charity of their choice. The challenge was to create a flavourful Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese or Japanese-inspired dish using Blue Dragon products and a fully stocked pantry of basic ingredients. The dishes were judged by a panel of judges on the following three criteria: taste, appearance and creative use of ingredients. After 45 minutes of sautéing, chopping and stir frying the winner was chosen. Amy Rosen made an innovative, flavourful vegetarian Vietnamese pancake. The dishes were so impressive 2nd and 3rd runner-up prizes were awarded to Sara Waxman and Michelle Zeriollo for their creative and flavourful Asian creations.

My $500 prize was donated to UN Women Canada, an organization working to realize gender equality.

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