At Home While En Route

Traveling just isn’t what it used to be. Finding the right luggage is key to travel enjoyment. Consider the weight. After you’ve packed shoes, clothes and cosmetics, each pound of overweight can be an expensive proposition. If only these darned suitcases weren’t so heavy! RIMOWA has read our minds.

RIMOWA has been in the luggage business for over 100 years, and they keep up with our needs. I can travel all over the world with RIMOWA Pearl Rose and always recognize my bag on the carousel, surrounded by look-alike black luggage. But looks aren’t everything. Inside, it’s like my own dresser drawer, and it makes me feel at home while en route.

If Pearl Rose doesn’t suit your style, RIMOWA has just created Salsa Air Ultralight., weighing in at just 4.2 lbs. Inside, it’s lined with parachute-like silk and outside, it’s almost indestructible, no matter how its tossed around by airline ground crew.

Check it out in Ultra Violet, Inca Gold, Aquamarine, Navy Blue and Cognac.

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