Letter From Cookstown Greens

Cookstown Greens has been an integral part of the dining out community for decades. Below is open letter from David Cohlmeyer:

A Green Opportunity
The rumours are true. Cookstown Greens is now being offered For Sale as a Going Concern. Having turned 65, it is time for me to reduce my business responsibilities and begin to explore other interests.

The 95 acres of excellent land (one hour north of Toronto), all buildings (including greenhouses and living quarters), the full complement of appropriate farm equipment, irrigation permit and system, all written procedures, records and contacts, as well as the reliable, award winning business, the well-respected name, and an amazing view are all listed for sale at only $1.2 million. Our knowledgeable, motivated and very capable employees are eager to continue operating the business. And I am willing to remain involved as long as required to bring about a successful transfer of ownership.

For the past 22 years we have steadily increased production, sales and reputation. Seven years ago we moved the entire operation to our current location. Now we are beginning to realize the increased margin we looked forward to when we moved to this “New Farm” – minimal need for fertilization, reduced requirements for labour-intensive hand weeding, near-elimination of pest problems, easy-to-work rock-picked soil, and of course continually improved flavour and extended shelf-life.

Here is an opportunity to fulfill a dream.

To maintain the leadership Cookstown Greens brings to Ontario’s hospitality industry, there are many ways to leverage this sale into its full potential:

* An innovative hotel PR team could promote its “own farm” on menus.
* A creative restaurant could obtain custom fed meats, unique cheeses and special produce.
* A premium winery could confirm its obvious link with premium food.
* A quality distributor could become the supplier of “the most respected” local produce.
* An on- farm Inn (the dream of many a chef) could be built in the fields to become a local hub.
* A retail store could be assured of distinctive produce to sell, process, and distribute.
* A specialty processor could have reliable access to many unique local ingredients.
* A starting farmer (1st or 2nd career) could immediately build on a well established business.
* A chefs’ school could have a demonstration farm to reveal the best of Ontario.
* Another farm could link with Cookstown Greens as an entrée to the high-end market.
* A gourmand “angel” could have bragging rights for owning the “best market garden”.
* Or a creative group of these could band together to bring the business to the next level.

Time may be of the essence. Please connect with your acquaintances. Then feel free to share your thoughts with each other and with me.

This is not the end; it’s a new beginning,

David Cohlmeyer (705) 458-9077 or dave@cookstowngreens.com

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