Caviar – Supply and Demand

It’s time to indulge myself with one of my favorite foods – Caviar. And while there has been an increase in the supply, the price of caviar is falling to the golden time level. Siberian Osstra, sustainable caviar produced in Venice by Toufani, the world renown caviar maker Shillat. This black caviar is true mallossol (less salt) and is a great treat during the festive season, for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, or as a splendid addition to afternoon tea.

Promotion pricing as long as the quantity lasts:
1oz – $60
50g – $105
100g – $210
125g – $262
200g – $420
250g – $525

Other caviar, such as Canadian Sturgeon, Russian Asetra, Petrossian Caviar, Paddlefish Caviar and more are available for your selection.

For further information call 1-877-BELUGA-4 (416-441-9788) or visit the Caviar Centre Inc. at 220 Duncan Mill Rd, Suite A1

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