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M Thompson Chocolates
For some, 1969 was the height of “flower power”, for the Thompson family it was all about the power of chocolate. In that year Rheo Thompson founded a boutique chocolate shop in Stratford, Ontario, and his family became surrounded by the craft and culture of sweets. Since that time, anyone who has ever enjoyed a trip to Stratford, has returned with those famous chocolate “mint smoothies”.

In 2002 he sold the family business, which now thrives under caring local stewardship as one of the top destinations in Stratford, where tourists and locals alike can purchase the most charming decorative packages of sweets. Recently, however, Marni Thompson, armed with the same original recipes of her grandmother, her father, Rheo, and the assistance of her husband, Alvin Bolkovic, decided to carry on her family’s tradition–but this time, in Toronto.

Marni’s new venture, M Thompson Chocolates–not to be confused with the famous namesake of her father in Stratford–represents a combination of heritage and passion that is unique in Toronto’s community of chocolatiers. The recipes are over forty years old, tried and true, and the techniques are traditional. Using copper kettle cooking, and only fresh and natural ingredients, hand-made gourmet chocolates with a high percentage of cocoa butter are seductively creamy.

For holiday gift ideas, click M Thompson Chocolates to shop online for home delivery, or visit their retail boutique at Dundas and Carlaw. Melt-in-your-mouth dark and milk chocolate mint smoothies, simple and delicious almond bark, sweet and crisp almond butter crunch bars, and luxuriously caramelized nutty popcorn, are all elegantly wrapped and packaged, and joyfully devoured.

Be forewarned: I recently visited the M Thompson Chocolates boutique and within one minute inhaled five luscious little chocolates; and for every Christmas gift I bought, I couldn’t help but get one extra for myself…. Check out: M Thompson Chocolates.

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