Invitation to Slow Food Toronto’s Terra Madre Day

Akiwenzie Fish and More
Natasha and Andrew Akiwenzie will offer their special smoked wild Georgian Bay white fish and trout

Deer Valley Venison Farm
Irene and Tony Taylor will share their smoked, open-pastured venison with cranberry chutney

Dolce Lucano 905.265.8445
Paola Zagaria will slice up a variety of salumis made from Perth Pork Products’ & Ruth Klahsen’s pork

Haisai Bakery and Restaurant 705.445.2758
Noboyu and Michael Stadtländer will treat us to their delicious smoked Eigensinn Ham and Speck

Kawartha Ecological Growers
Mark Trealout and the KEG team will offer artisanal pork sausages with crisp radish palate cleansers

Provenance Regional Cuisine
Alex Johnston and his team will slice up Waapiti Pie with elk and Saskatoon berries

Scotch Mountain Meats
Frank and James will grill their open-pastured, GMO-free, beef sausage, top sirloin and lamb ribs

Best Baa
The Bzikot Family will share a variety of their delicious sheep’s milk cheeses

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co.
Petra Cooper and her team will feature a variety of aged and fresh cow, goat and sheep’s milk cheeses

Harmony Organics
Brad Kurtenback will share freshly churned compound butters using Harmony’s coveted 48% cream

Local Dairy Foods 519. 485.4242
Amarjit Singh will serve up home-made Saag Panner made with his fresh paneer and local spinach

Mapleton’s Organics and Local Food Plus
The de Groot family will share their creamy ice creams while LFP shows you how to “Buy to Vote”

Monforte Dairy Co Ltd.
Ruth Klahsen will showcase a variety of her aged and fresh sheep, cow and goat’s milk cheeses

CIPM Farm 613.473.4927
Patricia Hastings will showcase her organic, stone-milled red fife, spelt, rye & buckwheat heritage flours

Evelyn’s Crackers
Dawn and Ed will present sweet & savoury shortbreads, crackers and buckwheat, red fife wheat bilinis

Woodlot Bakery
Jeff Connell will share a variety of artisanal breads made with heritage grains from CIPM

Michael and Mathieu will cook fresh pedal-ground KEG corn tortillas with hemp butter and chocolate

CR Catering 519.802.2988
Rod Miller will showcase his mother’s organically grown corn in the traditional Iroquois ‘Three Sisters Soup’

Loic Gourmet Catering
David Kokai will serve up Hoecakes made from locally ground cornmeal stuffed with local cheese

Forbes Wild Foods
Jonathan and Meg will share a selection of high quality wild fruits, syrups, vinegars and mushrooms

Fun Guy Farms/My Cosource Inc.
Bruno and Paula will treat us to their heart-warming organic mushroom, vegetable miso soup

Kozlik’s Mustard
Jeremy will tantalize our taste buds with varieties of Kozlik’s spicy, savoury and sweet mustards

Dutchman’s Gold Honey
Oliver will share a variety of local honey and maple products, as well as soaps and candles

Pristine Gourmet/Persall Naturals & 100km Foods Inc.
Paul and Grace will showcase Persall’s cold-pressed oils, wine vinegars and highlight 100km Food’s Ontario Artisan Share Program

FoodCycles Community Soil and Food Projects
Ashlee Cooper and the FoodCycles team will showcase fresh micro greens and the world of composting

Kind Organics
Tamas and Sandra will serve up freshly sprouted garbanzo bean hummus with kale and micro greens

Urban Harvest – 100% Organic Seeds
Colette Murphy will make you taste that growing greens in December is possible

August’s Harvest
Warren will offer Saskatoon berry preserves, varieties of garlic and shallots

Cookstown Greens
David Cohlmeyer will honours us with his Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Jerusalem Artichoke Chips

Matchbox Garden and Seed Co. & Jason Inniss Catering
Hanna, Eric and Jason will showcase combinations of preserves from their beautiful heirloom vegetables

Pfenning’s Organic Vegetables Inc.
Jennifer Pfenning and her team will present roasted rainbow carrots

The New Farm
Gil Flies and Brent Preston will share jewels of pickled and preserved vibrant, organic vegetables

The Cutting Veg
Daniel Hoffman will feature his garlic dip with fresh local vegetables

Thorpe’s Organic Produce 905.689.2114
Ted Thorpe will offer a variety of deliciously prepared organic vegetables

Foodshare & Barrie Hill Farms
Chef Alvin Rebick shares Dessert Bannok with Berry Compote

Hearty Catering
Evelyne Gharibian will serve up a creamy treat of Blueberry and Cranberry Smoothies

Iroquois Cranberry Growers
Matt Commandant will share the Wahta Mohawks’ Pure Cranberry & Concord Grape juice

Lincoln Line Orchards
Peter Bosman will share varieties of his delicious apples, pears, ciders, pies and chips

Ontario’s Own and Filsinger’s Organic Orchard
Dan Donovan will cook fresh red fife gingerbread waffles with Filsinger’s Orchard Bartlett and Bosc pears

Warner’s Farm
The Warner’s Farm team will share varieties of crisp apples, pears and cider

Kathleen and Jacalyn will showcase local peanuts, popping corn, preserves, sauces and syrups

Karma Co-op
Karma will offer a variety of foods from their local producing partners

Green Thumbs Growing Kids –
Not Far From The Tree –
Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance –
Slow Food Toronto and Terra Madre 2010 Delegates –
Sustain Ontario –
The Stop Community Food Centre –
Toronto Beekeeping Co-op –
Toronto Farmers Market Network –
Toronto Youth Food Policy Council –

Association for Native Development in the Performing and Visual Arts –
Slow Food Toronto’s Sensory Workshop Experience

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