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Dufflet to host the wedding celebration event for winning couples in the “Love is in the Air” promotion. Maker of fine pastries and confections, Dufflet has been selected to participate in a history-making event for the LGBT community. SAS has teamed up with VisitSweden and Stockholm Gay & Lesbian Network to host the first mid-air, same-sex weddings, which will take place mid-air on a Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A340 flying from New York to Stockholm on December 6, 2010. Dufflet will provide sweets from its Small Indulgences line of gourmet chocolates for a special wedding reception and dinner in New York City on December 6th. Guests will also receive Small Indulgence chocolates as a reception gift.

Small Indulgences are made with natural, top-quality ingredients from recipes created to please the most discriminating palates. They are available in select gourmet food stores and boutiques, as well as online. Known as the “Queen of Cake”, Dufflet Rosenberg has won numerous awards for her confections.

More than 300 couples world-wide entered the “Love is in the Air” contest. Winners were selected by posting their profiles online and encouraging fans, friends and family to vote for them via social media. The winners of the US contest are Thomas Landreth and Brett Kessler from North Carolina. After the party in New York, they will fly to Sweden for their commitment ceremony at the ICEHOTEL and honeymoon in Stockholm. A German couple won the opportunity to be the first gay couple married in mid-air, and a couple from Poland will be the first lesbian couple to be married mid-flight. For more information on the contest and winning couples, visit the Love is in the Air contest website. “I am honored to be a part of this historic event,” says Dufflet Rosenberg, creator of Small Indulgences gourmet chocolates. “We hope our confections will add an extra touch of sweetness to an evening that promises to be magical.”8 Days of Christmas at the Grande Rockies Resort



Cowbell is really excited to announce their new Eco friendly certification. Check it out:
“I look forward for others to join the ranks” tells Cowbell’s Mark Cutrara. “Green can be more than compact fluorescence”.

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