Bottled Love Letters To Greece

Canadian celebrity Chef Christine Cushing has introduced a new selection of olive oil from her native Greece that encapsulates the terroir, history, people, and culture of her homeland. “Vibrant” Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (USDA Certified) and her re-launched “Bold” Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Both are made in Greece from koroneiki olives but are as distinctly different as the flavours they express from their respective terroirs. “These oils, like wines, have their own personalities,” says Cushing adding, “the new organic ‘Vibrant’ oil is from the coastal Peloponnese region of Mani on the mainland. The rugged terrain, fertile soils and plentiful water here produces an oil that is medium bodied, forwardly fruity, round with grassy and floral notes. The ‘Bold’ oil from the island of Crete is as intense, bright and assertive as the people and the land it comes from. It has a long peppery finish that reflects a drier climate and brilliant Mediterranean sunshine.”

Cushing personally selected these two olive oils after inspecting the groves, meeting the producers, and tasting the oil. “I have to be connected with a place so I can pass along my first-hand experiences through any product that bears my name”, she shares. In Mani, she was awed by the turquoise waters, steep cliffs, deep gorges, and an untamed wilderness that, for Cushing, reflects the intensity of the people and the oil they make. In Crete, her mother’s birthplace, she was inspired by the aroma of wild thyme and herbs, and a soil a purple ochre that grows bold olives, “tended by even bolder people, just like my mom!” beams Cushing.

Here are some of her Pairing and Usage Tips:

VIBRANT 100 % USDA Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil– buttery, soft peppery finish. Perfect as a dressing for soft lettuces and vegetables, drizzled over pasta, white fish, or used in homemade mayonnaise.

BOLD D.O.P Extra Virgin Olive Oil– bold, peppery finish. Perfect dressing oil for arugula, Belgian endive, radiccio; pesto; as a finishing oil to drizzle over top of grilled steak, over vine-ripened tomatoes with sea salt, and with spit-roasted lamb.

For a dessert of decadence, click and follow Christine Cushing’s Pecan Spice Olive Oil Brownie recipe:

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