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Canada’s favourite supplement makers are giving back to Mother Nature.

“Love makes the world go round” goes the old song. But we cannot take love for granted, and today, we need to “love our world.” Ask men, women and children the meaning of love and you will get hundreds of different answers. A Grade 5 public school class was asked to answer that question and they spoke the truth: Love includes respect for other people, they said, and caring for our surroundings. It means planting a tree, caring for animals, staying healthy, doing the right thing. Looking around the world today, it is clear that the meaning of love has expanded to include every facet of our lives.

At Jamieson Laboratories, the company’s commitment to this philosophy has a name: Jamieson Cares. This socially responsible attitude goes beyond recyclable packaging; it is a belief in grassroots environmental action. Its products are pure, and so are its intentions. Love the earth and it will love you back.

Trees are planted, wildlife is protected, urban communities enriched – 25,000 new trees, plus 72,000 seedlings on 121 acres over the next 10 years. Sustainable materials, paper, ink and packaging are optimized as much as possible and no products are tested on animals. Public education will help our love grow for our fine furry and feathered friends in communities across the country. The Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC), a leading resource for Canada’s wildlife rehabilitation network, is feeling the love, in the form of wildlife-rescue sponsorship. And $1 from the purchase of specially marked vitamin D products in the fall of 2010 will go to the TWC. The earth is happy.

But we must protect ourselves, our loved ones and our environment, too. With the flu season upon us, it is important to take a proactive stance. We must arm ourselves with the best ammunition against infections and the flu and ensure that, if we do catch a sniffle, we do our best to keep from spreading this kind of viral love. To wit, the wise scientists at Jamieson Laboratories have created FluShield, a natural formula made from an exclusive immunity booster called LPx3, a premium “superplant” form of Echinacea angustifolia.

Once again, all efforts have been made to maintain the sustainability of this storied medicinal plant, native to North America, known for its traditional use in fighting viral infection. It takes two years for Jamieson’s superplant to come to maturity, and fields are rotated to ensure the crop continues the harvest and planting cycle in pathogen- and pesticide-free soil. But it is only one form, the exclusive LPx3, that qualifies for the Jamieson 360 Pure label. That means FluShield is subjected to the same 360 quality-controlled tests that ensure we continue to love the healthy results when taking our supplements.

In the heat of night, in early July 2010, Jamieson Cares held a one-evening-only fundraiser, People and Their Pets, a photography exhibition in support of the TWC. The special installation enthralled the few hundred invited guests. In the photos, animal lovers – some of who travel in the famous and infamous circles of our fair city – posed along with a beloved fine furry or feathered friend. One hundred percent of the proceeds raised from the sale of those photographs went to the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

Happy, healthy and wise? In the end, it seems all we need is love – for the earth, for each other and for ourselves.

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