The Fountain of Youth

It’s a long and winding road to the fountain of youth, but the wise ones have mapped out a plan that is simple, direct and effective.

The plan consists of two words: diet and exercise.

If all the dietary food plans created were laid end to end, they might encircle the globe. Who can choose? Who has the time to meticulously buy the groceries, weigh and measure the food and last but not least, do the cooking – three times a day. And what about snacks?

Read on my friends and find salvation.

Licious Living has collaborated with exercise guru Harley Pasternak to create a 5-Factor Meal Delivery plan that brings it all to you. You can count on a securely sealed cooler being left at your door between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. every day. Open it and you will be delighted with the contents: delicious, balanced and fat-burning. The containers are so neat; you can even take them to work with you.

A sample menu day consists of five different reheatable containers of food. My choices, previously planned out with a consultant, are almost decadent, and the three meals a day and two snacks keep my metabolism humming.

Some Breakfast Choices:
Oatmeal berry pancakes
Southwestern Omelette
Scrambled Eggs casserole
Protein Power Shake

Some Lunch Choices:
Asian shrimp wraps
Grilled beef Asiago cheese salad
Greek grilled chicken salad
Sweet potato Melt

Some Dinner Choices:
Ponzu grilled salmon
Soy poached chicken
Chicago steak and grilled vegetables
Roast pork tenderloin with apples

I first heard of Harley Pasternak when he was interviewed on OPRAH. If his name sounds familiar, here is why. He is the personal trainer of Jane Fonda, and has toned, buffed and fed Orlando Bloom, stars like Halle Berry and Robert Downey Jr. He has worked with Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus and many others. When you see them looking so fabulous in their films and music videos, it’s because of their belief in Harley Pasternak’s 5-Factor Diet.

Pasternak is a New York Times best-selling author, and now he has published a new book. The 5-Factor World Diet: Weight –loss secrets from the healthiest nations on the planet—unlocked. His book contains 120 fat-burning recipes. You can either do-it-yourself, or call Licious Living and have them do it for you.

I have discovered that since matching my grocery bills with the Licious Living cost, there is actually a fair saving. Besides, there is an extraordinary saving of time. It’s almost like having your own private chef.

With that saving of time, all you have to do is get in twenty minutes a day of exercise.

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