The Origin of Claudio

The thing about Claudio is that he is a rebel – with a cause: to amaze and thrill his ever growing fan-base just by being true to himself, and cooking what appeals to him. Getting on a bandwagon is not for Claudio. The man is the leader of the band.

We all believed, that with molecular gastronomy at Colborne Lane he had reached the pinnacle of Cool in this city. Uh-uh. Move over Colborne Lane, you have a new sibling.

Origin – the name says it all. Claudio has deconstructed all the joys of youth and presented them to us on sparkling white plates.

Enter this luxe corner space, with windows on King and Church, and peer out at the vast patio space (opening in May). Check out the chandeliers and recognize the plastic toys of the 70s; admire the unique floral centerpiece; applaud the service performed by staff who clearly graduated from charm school and went on to learn all the ins and outs of Claudio’s cuisine

Origin Restaurant, 107 King Street East, 416-603-8009,

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