Oysters and Wine

How do you pair wine and oysters?
According to World Oyster Opening Champion, Patrick McMurry of Starfish Oyster Bed and Grill, “it all depends on your personal preference”. There are so many different varieties of oysters, and different types within those varietals, that to try to pinpoint one wine that goes well with each and every oyster would be in vain. Moreover, “wine changes by the year; oysters change by the week. Depending on that week’s weather—whether there was a lot of rain or not—the salinity in the water changes.” Therefore, McMurry suggests any of the “classic, traditional white wines like Chablis, un-oaked Chardonnay, Muscadet, Sancerre, or Sauvignon Blanc. Something with a little bit of citrus to the end of it will accentuate the citrus notes—if you’re squeezing lemon on your oyster—help cut the salinity, and really make the flavours dance across the palate quite nicely.”

Donald Ziraldo – Riesling Icewine

“Canada and Icewine are Synonymous” – Donald Ziraldo.

One cannot imagine Canadian Icewine without Donald Ziraldo. He raised the industry from its infancy to its current standard of excellence for which Canada is so proud. Founder and former president of Inniskillin Wines, he has held numerous directorships and chairs including the Founding Chair of the Vintners’ Quality Alliance 1988-1995, and is current Chair of the Vineland Research & Innovation Centre Board. Ziraldo consults on an advisory basis for various disciplines within the wine sector, and is the author of Icewine; Extreme Winemaking (2007, in book stores now). Born in St. Catherines, Ontario, he is the recipient of the Order of Ontario in 1993, and the Order of Canada in 1998.
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