Sara’s Dream Picks at the 2017 Canadian International Auto Show

I can’t take my eyes off of this luxury, sports sedan beauty, making its premier appearance in Canada. The details on the doors handles, the grill, a few copper touches on chrome, but most of all the translucent porcelain finish. It looks like a custom car made lovingly in someone’s garage. Surprise—it’s a newly designed Hyundai. This hybrid concept has an eight-speed automatic transmission. The five finalists for the 2017 Luxury Car Awards in N.Y. in April include Genesis. And the car will come to you. Genesis At Home service brings a test vehicle to your home or office. (Genesis Motors Canada, 75 Frontenac Drive, Markham) Continue reading “Sara’s Dream Picks at the 2017 Canadian International Auto Show”

When is a Nut Not a Nut?

We’re all nuts, and all nuts seem like nuts to me, but…when is a nut not a nut?
It depends on whether you’re using a culinary or botanical definition. Many nuts are referred to as such because they can be used as nuts in cooking. For example, a soy bean can be used as a nut, but we know it is not one.

Botanically speaking, the following nuts are not nuts: peanuts are seeds from legumes; almonds and pistachios are seeds from “drupes”; pine nuts are seeds from pine trees; cashews are seeds from “accessory fruits”; Brazil nuts are seeds from “capsules”; and macadamia nuts are actually kernels from “follicle” fruits. Continue reading “When is a Nut Not a Nut?”

Where To DINE Now: Lbs. Restaurant

A Tale of Two Palates: Sara Waxman and Adam Waxman dine-out in Toronto’s restaurant scene and share their views.

We love Atlantic lobster, and while the young co-founders of Lbs. Restaurant are not fishermen, they sure know their business. Co-founders Jonathan Gonsenhauser and Will Tomlinson, both wine professionals with impeccable credentials in hospitality, are reintroducing fine dining to Yonge Street one crustacean at a time. Continue reading “Where To DINE Now: Lbs. Restaurant”

Ji That Was Tasty

It’s easy to be an armchair critic…not so easy to run a restaurant. Trends are fickle, and every restaurateur must be a bold risk-taker.

So, when Concession Road closed last year, owners Harsh Chawla and Derek Valleau had to think fast; they had to replace it with something new; something different. Continue reading “Ji That Was Tasty”