About DINE

DINE magazine is Toronto’s leading magazine for reaching active food lovers who enjoy the dining out experience. Sara Waxman, renowned taste-maker and travel journalist, brings more than 30 years of knowledge to the table, and then invites the reader to join her, whether at restaurants in Toronto, or around the globe. She has dined with the world’s most innovative chefs, and enjoyed dishes prepared by the stars of gastronomy.

In DINE magazine, Sara and her team expose what’s on the menu in a stylish and delicious tone. With the high standards and well trained taste buds for which this food expert, author and gourmet has become known, Sara Waxman tastes and tells.

DINE magazine is published using solar and wind powered energy, and printed on recycled wood and fibre with bio-derived ink. We are now in the process of creating our 2017/18 edition, for which we welcome advertising inquiries from the hospitality and lifestyle industries.


Sara Waxman – Editor in Chief
Adam Waxman – Executive Editor
Vivian Vassos – Managing Editor
Bonnie Brooks – Style Editor
Donald Ziraldo – Wine Editor

Contributing Writers:
Margaret Atwood, Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, Janice Wald Henderson, Sharon Kenny, Katy Lynch, Keith Rockmael, Vivian Vassos, Adam Waxman

Contributing Photographers:
Alamy, Steve Bruno, Getty Images, David Scott, Vivian Vassos, Adam Waxman

Contributing Illustrator:
Una Jayne Vaughan Sutton

Director of Marketing and Business Development, Canada:
Adam Waxman

Web Site:
William Stratas / Planetcast

DINE magazine is published annually in September by PPI Group.

The contents of DINE are Copyright © 2016 by DINE Magazine Inc. and may not be reprinted without the express written permission of the publisher.

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