DINE’s Holiday Dining Pix

Check out DINE and Destination’s pix for dining over the holidays at Toronto’s best restaurants.

Survey Canada’s culinary landscape from it’s highest perch at 360 in the CN Tower with special menus for Holiday Lunch and Holiday Dinner.

Savour this Christmas Eve menu in the historic CARMEN’S Steakhouse.

Festivus for the rest of us! Enjoy a Frank Constanza holiday dinner at DRAKE HOTEL.

Share a luxurious dim sum selection from Susur Lee at LUCKEE in the Soho Metropolitan Hotel.

Celebrate your New Year’s Eve and last dining experience of the year with this multi-course menu of Italian indulgence at OVEST.

Experience a holiday omakase including imo surinagashi, prized Japanese musk melon, and the 2016 gold medal winning Okunomatsu Daiginjo Shizukusake at the renowned SHOUSHIN.

This holiday season, give the gift of dining with a gift card to these great Toronto restaurants!

Oh! And don’t forget…Need some bubbly? Niagara’s Jackson-Triggs has just the right wine for that! And Beamsville’s Kew Vineyards also shows Ontario’s aromatic effervescence with their sparkling wine boutique. AND…no holiday is complete without a Chocolate Chanukah Calendar and the most adorably packaged Christmas and Chanukah couverture chocolates you could possibly imagine from the boutique Swiss Master Chocolatier!

Happy Holidays from DINE to You!

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  1. Sara & Adam.

    You did it again, great idea where to dine. I will definitely try one or two of
    you raccomandetions. Happy Holiday Season JA

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