Where To DINE Now: Copper Creek

hole_05_006 Some meals are so wonderful that our focus exists only from plate to palate, and when we look up we’ve actually forgotten where we are.

Seated in the Kleinburg Room of Copper Creek, panoramic views overlook the 9th and 10th holes of the meandering greens. Calm and romantic, the only sight to steal my attention from the setting beyond the window is what award winning Executive Chef, Gianpiero Tondina has prepared for CopperCreek3 us.

Grilled warm mushroom and arugula salad looks like a Jackson Pollock painting with a splash of colourful ingredients like Parmesan, crisp pancetta and roasted almonds. Decorative, fresh and vibrant, this is a salad to be admired. A generous portion of tender salmon, seared crisp is set on a stack of crunchy golden chickpea fries that leave us swooning for more. Gently lifted CopperCreek2 by a light and sweet purée of a cauliflower with basil and arugula pesto, one can only nod in appreciation for the delicate hand of the chef. Chicken sausage roulade, wrapped in bacon and filled with Asiago, poached mushrooms and Swiss chard is a savoury confluence of textures, tender and deftly parceled. Fresh in-house made cavatelli pasta luxuriates in a meaty rabbit ragu, showcasing Chef Tondina’s seasoned touch to elevate a simple dish to rich flavourful heights. Not all pasta is equal. I love CopperCreek4 fresh pasta, and when the right type of noodle is chosen to compliment the accompanying sauce–as Chef Tondina has seamlessly done–it makes me twirl my fork and sing amoré.

The sweet finale is a triad of desserts that set our taste buds awhirl. Blueberry and yogurt sorbet on white chocolate ganache, pecan tart with chocolate ganache, and cheesecake with caramel sauce are so pretty, and meticulously plated, and yet so sinfully and Copper voluptuously flavourful.

Renowned as one the top public golf courses in Canada, the dining here from the kitchen to the service is impeccable and warm. If I knew how to golf I’d stay the whole day, but the restaurant provides just enough reason to linger, and maybe learn to play.

~Copper Creek, 11191 Highway 27, 905-893-3370~

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