Specialty Goodies for the Holidays

confetti The best reason to shop at a specialty food shop? Celebrations. Why? Because we want to impress with the best ingredients. Where do the chefs shop? Pasquale Brothers.

I addition to all our desired ingredients sourced directly from the best producers in Europe to elevate all our culinary DeMartini needs, Pasquale Brothers offers seasonal favourites for the holidays direct from Italy and Spain.

Tenerelli, direct from Sulmona, in the province of L’Aquila, Italy. Tenerelli is confetti wherein almond is covered in white chocolate flavoured by fruit, creamy coffee, cappuccino or bonci gianduja. Many types of Pelino Tenerelli are made with a refined “double layer” technique of two different types of chocolate. Bonci cakes soused in sweet wine or covered in dark chocolate; Panforte; Panpepato; De Martini chocolates; Turron, spreadable chocolate, dark or white, with added dispaly liquers and fruit; as well as a variety of cheese had been pre-ordered for the holidays.

On December 5, 12 and 19 visit the Open House, sample the buffet, see, taste and experience all the new products lining the shelves and be spoiled.

~Pasquale Brothers Downtown Ltd., 16 Goodrich Road, 416-364-7397~

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