Chocolate Chanukah Calendars

SMC4 What a sweet history! Thirty Years of Swiss Master’s “beautiful chocolates for beautiful people”. The most prized of all chocolates: SMC2 fresh cream Swiss truffles.

This holiday season, in addition to beautifully wrapped Swiss kisses, truffles and pralines from the showcase check out the Advent Calendar and Chanukah Calendar!

SMC1 We all know chocolate Advent Calendars, but the Swiss Master has answered the call and created one with SMC3 eight truffles for eight days, plus four Chanukah gelt ($21.99). These are chocolates that every kid (myself included–hint, hint) will enjoy receiving.

~Swiss Master Chocolatier, 2538 Bayview Avenue (north of The Bridle Path/Post Road), 416-444-8802~

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