No Water, More Wine

bg_our_history_the_beginning_of_our_adventure What do Zero Irrigation, Feng Shui and Gregorian Chants have in common? Exuberant Chilean wine. Montes Wines is the pride of Chile for its certified sustainable practices, and wines that reflect the diversity of Chilean soils.

Attention to how different soil and grape varieties react to water stress is necessary when cultivating a desert vineyard. While only seven kilometers from the ocean, Montes’ Zapallar vineyard is the only one in the region, because there is no water. Not one drop. From September to May the vines work hard to find the water table below without receiving any irrigation from above. The result? A more muscular wine.

pinot_noir_sb_visual_front copy Montes’ Outer Limits Sauvignon Blanc 2013 from the Aconcagua Valley yields less production but more concentration and a fresh aromatic expression of sun-kissed grapefruit in the nose to a lingering palate of effervescent passion fruit.

* There are 10 bottles left at the Bloor/Ossington LCBO.

Without irrigation, Montes saves 840 million litres of water. That is equivalent to one year’s supply of water for 20 000 people.

The Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon-Carmenere 2013 from the Colchagua Valley is as surprising for its pricing as it is for its intense bouquet. A ruby elixir of 70% Cab Sauv and 30% Carmenere has a deep and plum-y nose of violets and sweet summer strawberries. An intense jam-y mouth-feel of sweet plump blueberries, soft bg_vinos_wine_montes_limited_selection_cabernet_sauvignon_carmenere tannins and dark caramel are followed by a subtle inky licorice lingering on the palate. Bright, fresh and youthful, and at only $14.95, it’s a steal.

* There are 18 bottles left at the Queen’s Quay LCBO.

Aurelio Montes Jr., Director of Winemaking at the Apalta Winery, tells me that his Montes Wineries are constructed according to feng shui for maximum efficiency in production including gravity flow, and that the classical music and Gregorian chants that he plays for the wines while they are aging facilitates in mellowing and harmonizing their molecules for a more smooth and full bodied wine.

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