Spanish Gold

oil Start with quality and you’ll never go back. New products from Spain don’t demand that you change your classic dishes; they elevate them by offering a flavorful way to make them a splash more interesting.

In addition to the luxurious range of pure grassy olive oils from the south of Spain, including David Adjey’s Premium Olive Oil selection, Oliva y Limon (olive oil and lemon) from Finca La Torres, organic of course, is a real treat drizzled on chicken breast or chicken salad. And it is heavenly drizzled on cooked asparagus or other green vegetables. It has become our favorite condiment.

spain1 CINNAMON ALMONDS Ecoato organic producer. When your special friends drop in, offer these delicious cinnamon dusted marcona almonds with some Spanish cheese like Manchego, and open a bottle of Tempranillo wine. Offer dips and spreads of green olive and black olive paste La Masrojana with crostini. Clever hostess, you!

P1060786 And here is something special I don’t know what I did without all these years. Squeeze a circle of ARVUM Balsamic Cream of Sherry Vinegar around a tomato and boconcini salad, or squeeze a few dots next to steamed broccoli, and taste the sparks.

Look for other ARVUM brand Sherry Vinegar in beautiful glass bottles. And for foodies who are interested in tasting the difference in fine extra virgin olive oils, try Finca La Torres, Andalucia, made from two kinds of olives, Hojiblanca and Arbequia. Both are certified organic. The company has been producing olive oil since 1260. They’re doing it right.

Another great product that we love adding to just about anything, from salad to pasta to poached salmon, is olive spread from La Masrojana. Black olives, green olives, our love of Spain increases with every bite. Why would we want anything less than the best.

All of these products are available at Loblaw Inspire Stores or from La Carrera Canada:

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