Terroir: Growing Ideas

T13 Terroir is about more than just soil. This year’s Terroir Symposium, held at Toronto’s Arcadian Court, was like a great party with the most respected chefs, preparing their most interesting dishes; the best wineries; international speakers and taste-makers all proving that without the right people, there is no terroir. Chefs came from all over the world—from renowned kitchens across Canada to Italy, Spain, and Sweden; and from the woods of Eastern Quebec to rural Indiana. Around every corner was something new to taste or sip, or some engaging conversation to be had. Terroir is the culinary event of the year. In its eighth year, it has grown and shown itself to be about the people, the local creativity; and the community of support around it. Arlene Stein (shown here), Founder and Chair of Terroir Hospitality Symposium, has stewarded what one Irish journalist told me, is “piquing curiousity around the world, because there is nothing like it anywhere else. This is like the Cannes of food, wine and hospitality”.

Here’s a photo-tease…
(Scrolling down from left to right: Ryerson Eats sustainable watermelon beets; pork with crunchy skin by Michael Olson, Niagara College; Biff’s Bistro’s braised lamb cannelloni; Chef Laura Kirk of Ruby Watchko’s chicken, craklin’ chicken skin, rice grits; Mexican chocolate pecan tartlets; Chef Ryan Crawford; Dillon’s gin; seared bison heart that I assisted preparing with recent Chopped Canada Champion, and executive chef for Calgary’s opening-soon CharBar, Jessica Pelland; Niagara winemaker Charles Baker; wild mushroom sliders prepared as Paul Harber observes from the background on a glorious sunny day at his Ravine Vineyard, Niagara.)









































Don’t miss the next Terroir Symposium in 2015! For the latest info check it out here: Terroir Symposium.

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