DINE Travels: Editor’s Letter

SARAPIC I am not weighted down by the debris of conventional wisdom. But that’s self-evident. Why publish two issues of DINE a year when one issue gave us lots of personal satisfaction? Because. Complacency is the killer of creativity. The excitement, the challenge of taking risks puts foie gras on my toast. For me, this is not a job—it is a passion.

In this first issue of DINE Travels, publisher Adam Waxman takes us by the hand and leads us to Hell—a thrilling tour of Japan’s hot springs in Kyushu and Nagano. On the other end of the spectrum, he travels along the Blues Highway from Memphis to New Orleans, exploring the roots of the music and cuisine we all love.

On the west coast, we visit Tofino, at mile one of the Trans Canada Highway, and marvel at the whales cavorting in the Pacific Ocean. Luxury in the wild is a high point at the Wickaninnish Inn. And the artisanal cheese makers and craftspeople who populate the weekend market on Salt Spring Island remind us of what the term “handmade” really means. In Quebec, health, wellbeing and natural food plans are explored through its country spa hotels.

And at the Barrett-Jackson, the world’s greatest classic car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, our love affair with the car is measured in cold cash as collectors buy multimillion-dollar automobiles.

Come. Join us in exploring the world.

Sara Waxman

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